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Control iTunes from any web browser
October 2005 Announcement

Development and support of browserTunes has been suspended indefinitely. Thank you for your interest and support. You can still download browserTunes, but we will not be releasing new versions or providing support. See the FAQ for some alternatives.

About browserTunes

browserTunes allows you to remotely control iTunes from any web browser. Just point the browser to http://yourmac:8080 (where "yourmac" is the name or IP address of your Mac) and you can play songs, pause, get information about the song playing, view and play playlists.

browserTunes works fine for PDA browsers and perhaps also with phone-based browsers. So if you have an Airport Express in your living room and your computer with iTunes in the basement, you can control the music from a handheld browser. Or, if you just have two computers and only one has your iTunes music collection, you can still control it from anywhere!

browserTunes has its own embedded mini web server, so you don't need to set up a server on your Mac. It runs on Port 8080 (configurable).

  • List all iTunes playlists
  • Play specific playlist
  • Play/Pause function
  • Next/Previous song function
  • Search/Browse
  • Get information about current song
    • Artist
    • Title
    • Album
    • Date
    • Time
    • Genre
  • Support for Audio CDs
  • Volume Control
  • Search for track name, artist, or genre (in database mode)
  • Auto-detect listening IP address and self-polling
  • Configuration Options
    • Configure IP address to listen on
    • Configure port to listen on
    • Auto-Start Server option
    • Auto-Start iTunes option
    • Plain or fancy web GUI option
    • Album Art display
    • Password security
    • Database options
    • More...
Current Version: 0.2.2 (Beta) October 9th, 2004

What's new in this version (see Docs for more information)

New Features:

  • Browse by artist option
  • Faster iTunes searching in non-SQL mode
  • Search by album
  • Support for repeat one/all/off
  • Support for shuffle on/off
  • Eliminate CSS in PDA mode for better compatiblity
  • Change URL delimiters from colon to question mark
  • Auto restart on server fail (polling)
  • Moved Preferences panel to center

Fixed the following issues:

  • PDA Mode starts with no controls visible
  • DB Load fails when some track info is missing
  • Reload PL causes database problems if run when no database
Previous Versions

Features added in 0.2.1:

  • New PDA-optimized interface (240 pixels wide, no album art, etc.)
  • Much faster SQL database load times.
  • New option to auto-detect and update IP address, useful for DHCP clients.
  • Updated fancy mode. Smaller images and better readability.
  • Streamlined preferences window.
  • New option to hide browserTunes and/or iTunes on startup.
  • New option to not create browserTunes Search Results playlist when doing SQL database searches.
  • New option to reload just playlists on startup. Occasionally the SQL database playlists will get out of synch with iTunes. This allows you to reload playlists and not have to reload the entire database.
  • Searches with spaces in the query no longer fail to produce results.

Features added in 0.2.0:

  • Embedded SQLite database for faster searches.
  • Browser-like capability (Genres - Artist - Tracks) when using SQL database.
  • Some BrowserTunes preferences can now be set from the browser
  • Updated fancy mode. Improved graphics and navigation. Merci, Pixel.
  • New "text display modes" (Simple HTML, plain text and XML) are available for integration with other systems. Mainly for developers.

Features added in 0.1.9

  • Preferences accessible from the application menu
  • The currently playing song is now highlighted in playlists
  • Album Art display (optional)
  • Password security
  • Server window can be re-opened from the menu
  • Much improved image handling and browser support

Features added in 0.1.8:

  • Volume control - up, down and mute (plain mode only)
  • Play and control CDs
  • Search by artist or title in library (plain mode only)
  • Option to auto-start the iTunes player when the program starts

Features added in 0.1.6

  • New colorful graphical web user interface from Pixel Art (still experiental, only seems to work with Safari and Opera)
  • Option to auto-start the server when the program starts
  • Support for encoding of accented characters
  • Overall user interface and functionality improvements
    Faster image loading
  • Fixed the following issues:
  • Miscellaneous disconnects
  • Other small bugs
Product Requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.3 or higher
  • iTunes 4.6 or higher